3DOM Technology

Core Technology

3DOM Separator Technology3DOM Separator

Homogeneous three-dimensional pore structure

The homogeneous structure of pores makes the ionic current distribution uniform, suppresses deterioration on account of precipitation of dendrites and uneven reactions of electric power, and improves battery’s reliability and performance.

Homogeneous size and alignment of pores

As a result of realizing extremely uniform pores and their alignment, the flow of ions between the electrodes becomes uniform, and degradation of batteries is suppressed as the dendrite precipitation and non-uniform reactions of electrodes are substantially contained.

High porosity ratio

3DOM separator has the structure of three-dimentionally ordered spherical pores, and possesses high ion conductivity because of maintaining more than 70% of porosity ratio.

Technology Implementation

3DOM’s Capability of Designing and Development



3DOM will contribute to the advancement of numerous different applications of batteries in the world through making use of 3DOM separators and the secondary battery development technologies that realize high energy density and high reliability.

Battery Management System

Battery Management System

3DOM strives for achieving the system that links applications and cell technologies
through the battery management system that maximizes the performance of 3DOM cells.

Battery Packs and Modules

Battery Packs/Modules

3DOM will be able to propose optimized solutions to particular specific applications by its battery pack and module technologies and BMS technology that realize battery dimensions and morphology that customers requires.

Next Generation Technology by 3DOM

Next Generation Technology by 3DOM

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