Development of elemental technologies for energy and power sources that form the foundation of a bountiful life in harmony with nature

  • Separator

    We are focusing our attention on dendrites, the cause of battery degradation. The uniform current distribution enabled by a regular structure suppresses the generation of dendrites, dramatically improving the life of the battery and increasing its reliability.

  • Battery

    In addition to BMS technology, we offer the best solution for your specific application using pack and module technology for a battery format created to suit your requirements.

  • Motor

    Our motor has a Halbach arrangement magnet structure that enables high magnetic flux density and features high torque and low vibration.
    This technology is attracting a great deal of attention for its application in linear motor cars.
    The use of multiple coils also improves efficiency, accuracy, and safety.
    The technology has been adopted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for its A-STEP Program (Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-Driven R&D), and we are currently conducting research and development on a contract basis.

  • Fuel Cell

    Operating in a medium temperature range where catalytic activity can be maintained, this fuel cell technology has been attracting attention in recent years for its ability to improve energy efficiency by utilizing the waste heat generated when methanol is reformed to hydrogen.
    The amount of necessary Pt catalyst can be reduced to 10% that of conventional fuel cells and the raw material used is biomass-derived methanol, making this an environmentally friendly fuel cell.


Development of advanced applications for the realization of a 100% electric society

  • Land

    We are developing the world's most efficient electric powertrains and electric mobility for land transportation equipment (cars, trucks, etc.), which generates about 75% of the transport sector's CO2 emissions.
    In addition, we are researching mobility solutions to make more efficient use of existent private vehicles, which are said to have an operating rate of less than 5%.

  • Sea

    In order to reduce CO2 emissions from marine transport, which plays a crucial role in global logistics, the electrification of vessels has become an essential issue. We are developing core technologies, such as battery systems and motors, necessary to make the electrification of vessels a reality.

  • Air

    We are developing air mobility and transport drones, which have great potential as new means of transportation, as well as their electric powertrains.


Development of operating systems and solutions that enable overall optimization by connecting and visualizing various elements of our lives

  • Kaula Inc.

    Aiming to lay the foundation for digital revolution, Kaula is an ESG company belonging to global standardization organizations and consortia that contributes to society by researching economic structures and investigating and evaluating trends in advanced technologies to maximize value through the use of blockchain. Kaula is building advanced systems by combining blockchain technology with IoT, big data analysis, and AI.


    DI (Digital Intelligence) = AI (Artificial Intelligence) + NI (Natural Intelligence)
    We are moving from the age of creating a computer brain with AI to the age of digitizing the brain with DI. Through a deep human-like understanding of linguistic meaning based on individual experience and a digital grasp of conditions and situations, our communicator connects people to each other and to machines, with personal values at the core.