As a first step, 3DOM aspires to introduce services related to the electrification of next generation transportation infrastructure. 3DOM battery technologies and 3DOM business models have the advantage of being highly applicable to the mobility market, where electrification is progressing rapidly. We look forward to growing together with partners in the markets 3DOM has strategically targeted, with an eye on the forthcoming era of fully autonomous mobility.

  • 3DOM (ASIA) CO., LTD.

    Bangkok, Thailand

    3DOM (ASIA) CO., LTD. was established to supply 3DOM’s innovative batteries to EV manufacturers, etc. in Asian countries. Certification was granted by Thailand’s Board of Investment in April 2018, and the company is fully operational as of October 2018.


    Established in September 2020, 3DOM (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is responsible for the production and supply of 3DOM’s lithium ion batteries, proposing circular models for use in mobility and energy storage applications.

  • social mobility

    social mobility is working to realize the 100% electrification of transportation through the development and provision of electric solutions such as a powertrain combining 3DOM’s advanced battery technology with Group motor technology, as well as EVs and FCVs utilizing such technology.

  • zenmotor Inc.

    As the propulsion systems of vehicles and other forms of mobility successively shift from combustion to electric power, the motor will become a key component with a heightened presence in the world of mobility. zenmotor is working toward the commercialization of next generation high-efficiency motors in collaboration with universities.

  • Kaula Inc.

    Kaula Inc. is an IT company working to make digital innovation more efficient and more affordable using blockchain and related technologies. Through research, fusion platform, decentralized applications, and latest blockchain report, Kaula works to create and promote high industry solutions for smart battery blockchain adoption. (Established: January 2017)
    Additionally, Kaula as an ESG company strongly supports and continues to contribute to “Digital Transformation (DX)” innovations by promoting their deployment worldwide.


    DI (Digital Intelligence) = AI (Artificial Intelligence) + NI (Natural Intelligence)
    We are moving from the age of creating a computer brain with AI to the age of digitizing the brain with DI. Through a deep human-like understanding of linguistic meaning based on individual experience and a digital grasp of conditions and situations, our communicator connects people to each other and to machines, with personal values at the core.

  • binex Inc.

    Binex aims to build a new energy society by creating a biomethanol value chain that spans raw material procurement, production, sales, and application development in order to solve food, environmental, and energy issues.            


3DOM began as a university-originated entrepreneurial venture company conducting research and development of separators with the objective of suppressing the precipitation of dendrites, the major cause of deterioration in lithium ion batteries (LIB) and lithium metal batteries, together with Professor Kiyoshi Kanamura of Tokyo Metropolitan University. The resulting 3DOM separator uses highly heat resistant polyimide resin as the base material and consists of a structure of three-dimensional and orderly connected spherical pores to achieve uniform current distribution, contributing to the suppression of dendrite precipitation.
As a result, the practical commercialization of high energy density lithium metal batteries, long believed difficult, has now become a reality, dramatically improving the life of secondary batteries. This technology has been recognized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as a breakthrough battery technology and adopted as a Phase D project with the objective of commercializing promising technology for practical use.

  • 東京都立大学 Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • 金村聖志教授 Professor Kiyoshi Kanamura