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Apr 6, 2023
Results of research on charge-discharge cycle life in lithium-ion batteries and next-generation rechargeable lithium metal batteries equipped with 3DOM Alliance’s “X-SEPA™” separator

TOKYO, April 6, 2023 – At the 90th Annual Meeting of the Electrochemical Society of Japan (the “Annual Meeting”) held on March 27-29, 3DOM Alliance Inc. (“3DOM Alliance”) presented the results of two studies related to the charge-discharge cycle life of lithium-ion batteries and next-generation rechargeable lithium metal batteries equipped with the company’s “X-SEPA™” separator.

The X-SEPA™ was developed by 3DOM Alliance over eight years of development. Comprised of multiple layers of 3DOM (3-dimensionally ordered macroporous) separators and highly heat-resistant polyimide membranes containing a uniform three-dimensional array of pores, it contributes to longer battery lifespan as well as improved battery reliability, heat resistance, and high-rate charge and discharge . Preparing for mass production, 3DOM Alliance began providing X-SEPA™ samples in February 2023.

This comes as the global demand for batteries are seeing a rapid increase brought about by rapid electrification. While a vital alternative to fossil fuels, batteries harbor the potential to cause new environmental harm, including carbon emissions from manufacturing, destructive resource mining, and soil and water contamination from insufficient disposal measures. Extending battery lifespan is an important means to mitigate these environmental challenges.

At the same time, there is demand for rechargeable batteries with higher capacity that exceed the performance of lithium-ion batteries currently available. In principle, rechargeable lithium metal batteries with lithium metal anodes offer high energy density and have thus attracted attention as next-generation batteries. However, reduced battery lifespan and reliability due to the uneven formation of lithium dendrites during charging and discharging poses a major hurdle to their practical application.

The research presented at the Annual Meeting provided further scientific support for the charge-discharge cycle life of lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal rechargeable batteries equipped with the X-SEPA™.

① Comparative evaluation of the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries equipped with X-SEPA™ and polyolefin-based general-purpose separators

Summary of report presented at the Annual Meeting: “Characterization of Lithium Ion Battery Using High Porosity Polyimide Separator with Multilayer Structure”
The X-SEPA™ is expected to perform particularly well when used as a separator for lithium-ion batteries at high current density, which requires smooth lithium-ion transport. This is due to the high pore uniformity and permeability provided by its structure. This study verified the comparative effectiveness of batteries equipped with X-SEPA™ and polyolefin-based general-purpose separators.

As shown in Figure 1, the battery equipped with the X-SEPA™ was confirmed to have superior capacity retention from 30 to 200 cycles. The points indicated by arrows in the above figure show the recovery capacity when charged and discharged at 0.2C after 500 cycles. The difference in recovery capacity between the separators suggests that the difference in the retention rate is not due to an increase in resistance but to the difference in the depletion of mobile lithium ions. This suggests that there is a reduced occurrence of lithium deposition in the battery equipped with the X-SEPA™ compared to the polyolefin-based general-purpose separator. These results confirm that the high-porosity polyimide separator is better suited to rapid charging than the polyolefin separator and is effective in extending charge-discharge cycle life performance.

② Improved lifespan and reliability of lithium metal rechargeable batteries equipped with X-SEPA™ and initiatives for large-scale rechargeable batteries

Summary of report presented at the Annual Meeting: “Development of Long Life and Reliable Lithium Metal Batteries Enabled by a High Porosity Polyimide Separator, and Approach to their Higher Capacity”
This research studied the application of a high-porosity polyimide separator in a rechargeable lithium metal battery by examining its effect on charge-discharge cycle and other battery characteristics. Figure 2 shows the charge-discharge cycle characteristics of a rechargeable lithium metal battery equipped with the X-SEPA™, which exhibited a capacity retention rate of 95% even after 200 cycles, indicating lifetime performance with excellent charge-discharge reversibility.

Dr. Kiyoshi Kanamura, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of 3DOM Alliance and developer of the 3DOM separator, commented, “I am pleased that this research using the X-SEPA™, which consists of multiple layers of 3DOM separators, demonstrates long battery lifespan characteristics and can thus help to improve the environment amid strong demand for long battery lifespan in the movement towards decarbonization.”

3DOM Alliance’s subsidiary noco-noco Pte. Ltd. (“noco-noco”), a Singapore-based decarbonization solution provider, plans to provide services that leverage the superior characteristics of batteries equipped with the X-SEPA™. Extended battery life is expected to bring environmental and economic benefits. This extends to supporting a circular economy that encompasses battery second-life use, thus reducing the total required number of batteries in circulation and in turn decreasing environmental damage from battery manufacturing and disposal. It also works to reduce costs per charge-discharge cycle, thus alleviating financial obstacles to electrification for users.

In the future, the X-SEPA™ holds the potential for use not only in lithium-ion batteries, but also rechargeable lithium metal batteries fit for next-generation applications that require high energy density. By redefining batteries equipped with the X-SEPA™ as a social infrastructure in service offerings, noco-noco endeavors to unlock the full potential of batteries to mitigate urgent environmental issues.


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