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Feb 21, 2024
“X-SEPATM”, 3DOM’s Innovative Separator Technology, has been Successfully Made Thinner
Expectations for Further Expansion of Applications

noco-tech Inc. (“noco-tech”), a technology innovation company under the 3DOM Group, has successfully developed a thinner version of its revolutionary separator technology, “X-SEPA™”. Thinner separators enable more electrode materials (active materials), which determine battery capacity, to be loaded, and by reducing the internal resistance of the battery, energy loss can be suppressed, and high output characteristics can be improved.  In addition, the reduction of internal resistance reduces heat generation in the battery and improves the battery life caused by thermal degradation of the battery components.

Compared with the standard product of noco-tech, the thin-film separator has improved the volume energy density of the battery by approximately 12% and the battery capacity at high output (10C) by approximately 30%.  In the future, the demands for separators are expected to increase for applications requiring light weight and high output, such as electric racing EVs, air mobility (drones, eVTOLs, etc.), electric motor boards, smartphones and power tools.

Through more than eight years of research and development, and by development of manufacturing technology and manufacturing equipment, “X-SEPA™” has already become possible to provide high quality and low cost.  Sample shipments to lithium-ion battery manufacturers around the world started in February 2023.  For battery manufacturers, one of the major features is that they can use the same battery manufacturing facility and components as before, and there is almost no need for new capital investment.

With the successful development of thinner products, we are confident that the scope of applications of “X-SEPA™” will be expanded even further, and that we will be able to contribute to solving industry issues as well as the environmental problems that we are striving to achieve.

Toward realising thinner separator, the separator materials, manufacturing equipment and processes have been improved and optimised, and further diligent development has made it possible to solve the issues and realise the objective.  In the future, we will establish production lines and put in place a system for shipping the thinner X-SEPA™ to companies currently in discussion.


About noco-tech:

noco-tech is a battery technology research and development innovator under the 3DOM Group.  Its portfolio includes lithium-ion battery technology, including battery prototypes.  Founded in 2023 in Yokohama, noco-tech is at the forefront of technological breakthroughs including 3DOM’s X-SEPA™ separator technology.


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