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Mar 6, 2024
Binex and Nissan
Collaboration in supplying sorghum-derived
bioethanol fuel for stationary power generation

Binex Inc. and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. have agreed for Binex to supply bioethanol fuel to Nissan for its in-trial stationary power generation system.

To contribute to carbon-neutral efforts at Nissan’s production plants, Binex plans to start cultivating high-yield sorghum in Japan and abroad, and to supply bioethanol and bio-pellets made from its leaves and stems which are residues after the grains are used as foodstuff.

Binex has been working with the University of Tokyo on sorghum development , which is fast-growing, high-yield and suitable for energy production. These efforts are in line with the company vision of truly solving problems facing humankind, such as food, energy and environmental issues.

Meanwhile, Nissan aims to build a sustainable mobility society. It was the first automaker in the world to create a vehicular propulsion system powered by a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) run by bioethanol. Nissan is now applying this SOFC development experience to stationary power generation systems.

The world needs to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases expeditiously to minimize the risks caused by global warming and limit the temperature increase from pre-industrial times to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius. Through this collaboration, Binex aims to expand the use of biomass fuels produced by cascading use of agricultural residues and to promote the decarbonization of electricity used by manufacturers in various fields. Nissan will secure suppliers of biomass fuel to expand use of its SOFC technology to stationary power generation, with the aim to achieve carbon neutrality in the whole vehicle lifecycle, including production.

A press conference was held today at Nissan’s Tochigi Plant, where trials of the stationary power generation system began. Prior to the press conference, Binex CEO Hiromichi Aoki commented: “Binex has secured a large quantity of sorghum F1 seeds in Australia and we can start large-scale cultivation. We are honored that Nissan, which aims at producing environmentally friendly automobiles, has chosen us to partner with them on clean energy supply, and we are committed to meeting their expectations. We will take this opportunity to support the greening of electricity in the manufacturing industry, which is the foundation of the Japanese economy, and contribute to the improvement of the global environment while maintaining and strengthening our international competitiveness.”

Mr. Kazuhiko Murata, corporate vice president responsible for Nissan’s Powertrain Production Engineering and Development said: “There are major changes occurring in the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. Nissan is taking up various technological development challenges in new areas, and SOFC power generation is one of our strengths. We will continue to contribute to the promotion of electrification and efforts toward carbon neutrality with Nissan-unique, innovative technologies.”



Binex Inc.:

Binex was established to earnestly address food, environmental, and energy issues and construct a value chain for biofuel. Binex aims to breed and cultivate sorghum varieties that sequester large quantities of carbon dioxide during growth; supply sorghum grain as a foodstuff; produce and supply biofuel from sorghum residue such as leaves and stalks; provide fuel cells that use biofuel as a hydrogen carrier; utilize biofuel in semiconductor manufacturing, fuels for internal combustion engines, and petrochemical raw materials; and develop additional applications, including chemical products that replace fossil fuels with biomass-derived materials.



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Binex Inc.  Koji Ito
Tel: +81 3-6433-5497

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