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Apr 10, 2020
Notice of Teleworking as a Measure against COVID-19

We are currently operating by telework with the objectives of reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection and ensuring the safety of our employees and all the stakeholders.

Outline of Telework:
Period: From Friday, February 28, 2020 to Wednesday, May 6, 2020
※ Teleworking was implemented by steps since February 28th, and it has been fully implemented as a principle since Wednesday, April 8th.
※ We may extend the period of telework depending on the situation.
Content: Employees work from home whenever possible, depending on the content of the work.

Notice and Request to Those Who May be Affected:
・ In line with the telework, please use e-mails to contact our employees.
・ Meetings with clients and suppliers and job interviews will be conducted online, in principle.
・ We may not be able to answer calls made to the office. In that case, please record your message. Please note that it may take longer than usual to respond to you.
・ We will handle contacts through our website (inquiry form) as usual.

Depending on the situation of the epidemic, we may review the content of the countermeasures.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to all of you who are affected with this teleworking action..
Thank you for your understanding.

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