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Dec 16, 2020
Contribution to 15th Issue of “Intellectual Property Journal”

15 December 2020 – 3DOM’s Masako Harada (Executive Officer (IP Strategy)/Office of the President) contributed to the 15th issue of “Intellectual Property Journal,” published by the Foundation for Intellectual Property.

■Intellectual Property Journal 15th Issue
・IP Landscape
(Vol. 8) IP Landscape of Startups: High Awareness by Management!

Masako Harada, 3DOM Inc. Executive Officer (IP Strategy)/Office of the President

■About Intellectual Property Journal
“Intellectual Property Journal” is an IP publication launched in June 2017 through the merger and renewal of “Chizaiken Forum” and “Intellectual Property Management Review.”
It provides wide-ranging information about the systems, operations, and management of intellectual property.

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